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Diamond Owl


The digital age forces us to pretend that we should be perfect in an instant. But we are perfectly imperfect, and we must grow and evolve as life goes on to reach the best state of ourselves. We must also continue to learn when times get tough, so we can improve our livelihoods now and for the future. That's what's on our minds here at Diamond Owl. We are a group of professionals with experience in career development, women's empowerment, well-being and self defense practices.

The name and the symbols in our logo go hand in hand. The Owl represents our wisdom and keenness. The Yin-Yang represents our quest for better health and balance, and the Diamond represents our strength, beauty, and resilience. The crystal-like amethyst colors in the logo are present because amethyst is commonly known to stand for protection, friendship, and love.  Purple is also the symbolic color in the battle for women's rights and against domestic violence. 


Unity and compassion is the way we can keep our communities stronger. We are all different and we must learn to understand more and judge less. It is possible to unite in strength, love, and equality in the quest for better balance in our lives. Diamond Owl will attempt to achieve these goals through each workshop, seminar or career package offered. We will continue to expand our offerings as time goes on. Like what you see and want to get involved?

Great! Contact us to find out more!

OUR MOTTO: We are Inclusive and Feminist.

Diamond Owl's services stem from the idea that we can have fun, learn and evolve! We are here to do our best to be inclusive and feminist in serving or communities. The definition of Feminism is the belief in the political, social and economic equality between the sexes. It is also defined as an organized activity on behalf of women's rights and interests (See Miriam-Webster's website for future reference).

At Diamond Owl, our feminist practices are for anyone who identifies as a woman or who feels these services are right for themselves. That means we also are willing to assist men. However, some workshops and services we provide will be planned for women attendees only. But other events and services will be available for everyone. ALL customers, clients, workshop and seminar organizers and affiliated participants MUST agree to the terms and ideas outlined in our motto here. 


Diamond Owl is meant to be a welcoming atmosphere and we encourage having fun as we learn. We also encourage the understanding that anyone of any gender can be a feminist in practice. Please keep in mind that this is a place of learning and development as you continue to work with us. Disrespect, sexual and other forms of harassment, racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia or any such similar cruel and inhumane behavior towards our hosts or customers will Not be tolerated. We reserve the right to tell any customer, client, host, independent contractor and/ or employee who cannot adhere to our motto to leave a seminar or workshop space and those who cannot respect our wishes will not be able to continue attending or hosting services, or conduct business with Diamond Owl NY.     
We are a Proud, inclusive and Feminist organization. If you want to get involved with us, you should be comfortable with this motto. But you're fine with that right? We Knew You Were Awesome! 
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