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If you are in management and/ or a highly experienced person in the workforce (10+ years), this service is right for you. We offer you a new re-written résumé & cover letter or letter of intent, with a layout that is fresh, engaging, modern and ready to help you shine and reveal your accomplishments. Additionally, we offer you a career planning consultation to ensure your job search or transition is effective. 

What’s included in this service? 

  • A detailed career consultation by phone, up to 1-hour (Can be two separate 30 minute sessions).

  • One updated long version or two new versions of your résumé in different formats. (Formatting adjustments depend on what’s needed for your next career step). 

  • One new personalized cover letter template or letter of intent that highlights your talents, career progression, and can be angled towards a job ad or company you wish to contact.

  • One LinkedIn profile creation, refresher or makeover.

  • Job hunting assistance and interview tips.

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Complete the form to purchase this package. You will be contacted by a staff member within approximately 5 business days (excluding major holidays) to book your first consultation and begin the process.

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