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Vitality, Self-Defense & Inspiration for Women

Who Are


Diamond Owl provides empowerment services to the New York City community. We strive to help you achieve better well-being and balance in your lives with services such as career development, self-defense, and inspirational workshops. Check out our current packages below or click on our About Us page to learn more about what Diamond Owl symbolizes. 


Book a seminar or a service today and learn to be a "Diamond in the Rough" in this crazy world.

About Us

Our Services

Career Consulting

Basic Career


This service is for people who are just starting out in the workforce and need some extra guidance on how to write a résumé, cover letter, job interview prep, etc. Click below to learn more!

Career Uplift


Did you have a baby? Recovering from an injury? Need a change from your current job and not sure how to move forward? Went back to school? This service is for people who have been in and out of the workforce for some time (more than two years of work experience) and need help with their job hunt. Click below to find out more!

Premium Career


If you are in management and/ or a working professional with 10+ years experience and feel you need a help taking the next step in your career (resume, cover letter, etc.), this service is right for you! Click below to find out more!

Workshops & Seminars


Diamond Owl provides workshops to empower women and those in marginalized communities. We will be hosting events such as health and beauty works shops, career and credit counseling, and more! Click on the button below to check out what we offer.

Inspirational, Empowerment & Mental Health Awareness 


Inspirational, Empowerment & Mental Health Awareness 

We are providing self-defense seminars to anyone interested in protecting themselves in difficult times. We also will be hosting cultural and wellness seminars such as our "love your body" dance class! We strongly encourage women of all cultures, faiths and racial backgrounds to take part in these seminars, as well as the LGBTQ+ community.  Join us!

Self-Defense & Physical Wellness Seminars


Self-Defense & Physical Wellness Seminars

Join Our 



At Diamond Owl, our main goal is to help the community evolve. As a local business in the New York City area, we are looking for new instructors and contributors who wish to empower women and help those marginalized in our communities. If you are interested in working with us please help us make a
difference and get in touch!

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